How far has India come in its flagship manufacturing drive?

03-Mar-2016 #MakeInIndia Source: India Inc

India Inc. presents a snapshot of the progress made by the “Make in India” initiative since its launch in September 2014.

The primary objective of the Make in India initiative is to attract investments into the country from across the globe and strengthen India’s manufacturing sector. It aims at utilising the existing Indian talent base, creating additional employment opportunities and empowering secondary and tertiary sector. The programme also aims at improving India’s rank on the Ease of Doing Business index by eliminating the unnecessary laws and regulations, making bureaucratic processes easier, making the government more transparent, responsive and accountable.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at its launch: “I want to tell the people of the whole world: Come, make in India. Come and manufacture in India. Go and sell in any country of the world, but manufacture here. We have skill, talent, discipline and the desire to do something. We want to give the world an opportunity that come make in India.”

Here India Inc. lays out a snapshot of how far the initiative has come since it was formally introduced in September 2014. The focus of Make in India programme is on 25 sectors – automobiles, aviation, chemicals, IT & BPM, pharmaceuticals, construction, defence manufacturing, electrical machinery, food processing, textiles and garments, ports, leather, media and entertainment, wellness, mining, tourism and hospitality, railways, automobile components, renewable energy, biotechnology, space, thermal power, roads and highways and electronics systems.

The Make in India initiative, has become the largest and fastest growing government initiatives ever, with over 2.1 billion global impressions on social media and an overall fan base of over 3 million on its Facebook page.
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