30-Dec-2014 #MakeInIndia Source: India Inc

The Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a clarion call to global companies to “Make in India” during his maiden speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi on 15 August 2014.

“I tell the world, ‘Make in India’. Sell anywhere but manufacture here. We have the skill and talent for it,” the Prime Minister said. Since then, he and his cabinet colleagues have carried the message to different parts of the world inviting global corporations to come and manufacture in India.

The vision is simply to transform India into a global manufacturing and innovation hub – whose products become synonymous with superior quality and inspire confidence among global consumers. The manufacturing process too, the Prime Minister has recently re-affirmed, must not be detrimental to the environment.

Twenty five (25) key sectors have been identified to focus it’s Make In India campaign around that incude sectors such as automobiles, chemicals, IT, pharmaceuticals, textiles, ports, aviation, leather, tourism and hospitality, wellness, railways, auto components, design manufacturing, renewable energy, mining, bio-technology, pharmaceuticals and electronics among others.

The “Make in India” initiative like others such as Digital India, Skill India to name a few, seeks to harness the Indian talent to foster innovation and push India up the economic value chain and develop a truly knowledge based economy that can compete with the best in the world which would also create high paying jobs along with entreprenurial opportunities for the youth of India.

Not only words, the Government of India has taken some concrete steps to facilitate investment by setting up an investor facilitation cell that would act as the first reference point for guiding foreign investors on all aspects of regulatory and policy issues and to assist them in obtaining regulatory clearances. The Prime Minister has, in addition, directed the home ministry as well as other relevant ministries to provide relevant clearences within 3 months along with key amendments to existing labour laws.

A dedicated cell has also been created to answer queries from business entities through a newly created Make in India web portal. The back-end support team of the cell would answer specific queries within 72 hours. To find out more on Make in India – please visit:

MakeinIndia is not only an opportunity for just global corporations but also global Indian entrepreneurs and senior business professionals to come home and manufacture in India.

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