On the road from Make to Move in India

05-May-2016 #MakeInIndia Source: India Inc

Nitin Gadkari is among one of the Narendra Modi led government’s biggest assets and has undoubtedly shaken things up as the minister for road transport, highways and shipping. He takes some valuable time out of his incessant schedule for ‘India Investment Journal’ to take stock of where things stand in terms of his enormous infrastructure challenge.

How do you see your vision on ports and roads translating into milestones for the Make in India and Smart Cities programme?

One of the biggest enablers for the ‘Make in India’ program is how efficiently freight can ‘Move in India’. In both our ministries, the primary objective has been to reduce the logistics cost. As far as the smart city program is concerned, we are planning to contribute to it by building smart cities in our 12 major ports. Login/Sign up to Read more

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